Day: February 26, 2011

First Date Quickies

First dates never cease to be the 1 of the most thrilling events in one’s life. However, dating can become boring if 1 lets it to be. Here are a few dating ideas that will surely make dating like a shiny untried pair of shoes. 1. Island Picnic If you have the moolah, you can […]

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Kiss ‘n Snap

Spend the day getting to know each other and your lips better! Choose 9 or more scenic places you’d love to kiss your partner. Get a camera and a friend. Then, visit each place you want to kiss at. When you get there, have your friend take pictures of you and your partner kissing each […]

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Going Out – Sneaky Tip

When you go to the movie theater, while the movie is playing, tell your sweetie that you have to go to the bathroom. Instead, sneak outside and leave something in or on his car. For example: a card, flowers, putting a tape you made to start when he turns on the car… anything. After the […]

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