First Date – Primer

Feeling safe should always be a serious consideration on a first date. Even though the voice on the other end of the phone sounds like citizen of the year, it’s always best to use safe practices.

A weekend date during daylight hours is perfect. Arrange to arrive in separate vehicles until you feel more comfortable with this person.Once the date has come to an end, keep this in mind: as long as the date went fairly well and there weren’t any obvious red flags, go ahead and plan for date number two.

There aren’t always fireworks during that first meeting. Some people quickly end what could have been a wonderful and fulfilling relationship just because they were looking for that instant “click” or “inner knowing.” More often than not, true and lasting relationships develop over time. The first date has a certain level of anxiety involved, and it may take until the third or fourth meeting for each of you to feel relaxed enough to really let your guard down.

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