Working Together, show your love.

Imagine your partner sitting there, toiling through the daily grind at work or school and then there it is – a package with their name on it! THis will bring a smile to a probably ho-hum workday.

The idea is to send (or place secretly) a new little give each day for a week. Keep it small, the fun is more in receiving a new surprise every day than the price of the gift itself. Start the week out with sweet, fun gifts and end it with a romantic feel.

 Day 1:

Single piece of their favorite chocolate, a chocolate covered  strawberry, homemade cookies or brownies, a candy conversation heart or a simple Hershey’s kiss.

 Day 2:

Offer to do something after work like get a favorite coffee drink, or fly a Frisbee or take a stroll at lunch. Make it a check list so they can choose what fun thing they want to do.

Day 3:

Send a photo of you two together, or maybe of a spot that has special meaning (first date?), or even a little collage of your favorite times together, like ‘remember when’.

Day 4:

A love note, a single flower, or a favorite poem.

Day 5:

Massage oil or candles make good romantic gifts. You can even buy something special or more expensive to cap off a memorable week for your partner and you (especially that evening 🙂

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