Day: June 17, 2012

Happy Hour Alternatives with Friends!

Treat your Feet Instead of meeting your girlfriends at the bar after work, why not schedule simultaneous pedicures? That way you can soak your tootsies and bond while you catch up on what’s new with your gals. Sweat Equity Instead of adding calories to your post-work routine, why not burn a few? Try a yoga […]

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Looking for your TYPE?

If you have a ‘type’ of person you prefer, here are few tips on where to find someone who fits! The Intellectual Type: Wine Tastings Cultural Mixers Museums Charities Art Galleries The Athletic Type: Adult Sports League: put together a co-ed team with friends to get to know your teammates better and meet sports-minded singles […]

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Plan a Driving Date!

One weekend, when nothing else is planned, consider this. One day you visit all the places, homes, apartments or whatever, you have lived in, and the next day you visit all the places of the other partner. Pack a picnic or better yet, eat at a place for breakfast or lunch in your old neighborhood […]

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