Looking for your TYPE?

If you have a ‘type’ of person you prefer, here are few tips on where to find someone who fits!

The Intellectual Type:
Wine Tastings
Cultural Mixers
Art Galleries

The Athletic Type:
Adult Sports League: put together a co-ed team with friends to get to know your teammates better and meet sports-minded singles on other teams.
Exercise Clubs: running, biking, swimming, and other workout groups
Sporting Events
Try meetup.com to meet partners for tennis, volleyball, and all sorts of other sports in your area

The Corporate Type:
Different restaurants and healthy delis in business and financial districts for lunch during the week
Happy hour
Networking groups

The Philanthropic Type:
Volunteer Network

Be the small fish in a bigger pond: that is, go where more of the opposite sex you are interested tend to gather:

To find women; take a yoga class, which are attended more by women on average.
To find men; take up a hobby like golf, where visiting a driving range on a weekday after work or on a Saturday afternoon is usually swarming with men.
There are not scientifically derived statistics, but you get the idea.

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