Didn’t see the warning sign

It was our first date, and we decided to go to the movies after a nice dinner. So as we were driving past the theatre, I drove close to the curb so I could see what was playing and when. As we got close, there was a lady with big hair, standing right in front of the movie listing, blocking the view. I muttered, mostly to myself, “get your big fat head out of the way”. (this was directed to the lady blocking my view). However, and this is the sign, I looked at my date, who was bending forward, with her head almost to her knees. It then occurred to me that she thought I was talking to her, and she ‘obeyed’ me too quickly. This made me laugh, but later, after dating, i found that type of ‘doormat’ behaviour unappealing. Should have listened to my gut that night and saved some time. Oh well.

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