Day: February 6, 2013

Top 5 dating lies women tell themselves By Chelsea Kaplan

When it comes to looking for love, many women hear a non-stop chorus of criticism echoing in their heads (usually voiced in tones that sound suspiciously like the mean girls lurking in locker rooms of junior high schools nationwide).

Needless to say, this barrage of negative self-talk is anything but productive in the search for Mr. Right. That litany of statements like, “you’re not loveable,” “all the good ones are taken” and “love’s only for young people” — it’s all bunk, says life coach Amy Ahlers , author ofBig Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves: Ditch Your Inner Critic and Wake Up Your Inner Superstar. Sure, it’s normal to have a few negative thoughts (which Ahlers refers to as “Big Fat Lies”) while you’re dating, but what’s not OK is allowing that mindset to prevent you from finding real, true love.

The good news: It is possible hear those negative, nasty voices in your head without accepting them as truth — or letting them influence the decisions you make about your love life.

Read on for advice from Ahlers on how to ignore the most common Big Fat Lies women tell themselves — and how to redirect your attitude in a positive way during the search for your very own Prince Charming

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