How we created the concept of TheBestDateIdeas.com

One of us is a trained and experienced marriage and family therapist. The other is a natural born socializer and has motivated and coached her friends to meet people, by following her example.

We both have dated a lot, and we remember the dates…the surprises, the mystery, the intrigue, the expectations…how delicious it was sometimes and how horrible the other times could be

One of us liked the challenge of blind dates.
The other, not at all.
You will get our perspective
as well as our members.

Ideas come from viewers and users of this site as well as from our experiences and research. The result is that you get information from reality and sometimes from amazing fantasies.

Please always feel welcome to send us your date ideas and experiences for others to share or learn from.

We are experts in dating.  She is a long term dating pro, and I am a former relationship therapist. Why former?  Well, got tired of helping people stay together who don’t really belong with each other.  So this site helps me take any relationship, in any status, and make each ‘day’ and ‘date’ special.  That’s easier than making the whole relationship better.  But you know what?  If every date is special, then maybe that’s the road to making the whole relationship special.

And, our ideas ‘in relation’ with your ideas that you contribute, will make this site a tool for you to use and access daily at your computer, or out and about with your mobile device. It works on all devices so we are only a click away.