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Ideas that include music, which can soothe the savage beast! (so we’ve heard)

Play the #1 song on day you were born

Going on a date? Here’s something that will impress your special someone…know the number 1 hit song on the day they were born.  Try to sing it for him/her. Your Birthday Song  This plays the song that was Number One on the day you were born. And, if there is a video available with the artist, […]

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A Romantic Playlist for your Evening

Click to the site below, choose the year you met, or the year he/she was born.  Then sit back, relax and enjoy the nostalgia and good memories that arise.

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Karaoke Night Fever

Go to a Karaoke place.  After you watch the people who are really really good, you will probably be a bit toasted from a drink or two and you know what that does to courage. So, you both have to choose a song and go up together.  If its the second or third date, its […]

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Musical Date Ideas

Go to a concert. Not just a fancy big name concert, but a local club, or a new one in town that features music. Maybe it’s a dinner and entertainment place. Great mood music includes: (of course there are all kinds of moods) Jazz Philharmonic Orchestra Opera Rap Rock Now, if money is an object, […]

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Music, Theater & Stuff

This fantastic date was completely a surprise. My date arrived with a CD for me. We listened to the exceptional drum music on the way to dinner – the restaurant was also a nice surprise. After dinner, we headed off to the next adventure. Since he’d told me the theme of the evening was music, […]

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