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Nothin’ like stayin’ home

Dub your own movie.

Download or find a movie you’ve never seen before. When you get ready to watch it, set the volume to mute. Then the two of you choose characters and improvise the dialogue.  A glass or two of wine might be a good add on to this date night.

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16 Romantic Dinner Ideas for 2 on Valentine’s Day

A romantic and delicious dinner is way better than a card. Source: 16 Romantic Dinner Ideas – Dinner for Two Recipes for Valentine’s Day –

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A Romantic Playlist for your Evening

Click to the site below, choose the year you met, or the year he/she was born.  Then sit back, relax and enjoy the nostalgia and good memories that arise.

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Romantic Quote & Image

I want to run away with you ♥ where there is only Me & You ♥ via Romantic Quotes.……♥                      

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21 First-Rate Cheap Date Ideas

Go to the grocery store and pick up some creative pizza ingredients. Take your groceries home and assemble your masterpiece pizza together. Choose some music that sets a ‘mood’, light candles and enjoy. via 21 First-Rate Cheap Date Ideas.

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Stay at home ideas, 1

TV Night Unwind by the fire Take a nap together Slumber party Face Painting

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