Category: Chivalry

Back to the basics.

Memorable 1st Date

The most memorable date for me was when the man showed up with flowers, and was a real gentleman, opening doors and being mannerly all evening. …simple, huh

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TIP: End of the Evening

At the end of an evening, make sure your date is securily in her home before taking off.   If you didn’t walk her to the door (which you should have, but sometimes logistics prevent this or she does), make sure she has entered her home before driving away. It just shows you care.

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Chivalry Basics

Open every door;   into the car, out of the car.Into the restaurant, out of the restaurant. Put your arm around her and gently lead her toward your table in a restaurant. If its chilly, take off your coat, and place it tenderly on her shoulders Guys, tell her she looks beautiful. Those three little […]

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Chivalry thaws a cold heart

Want to make a great impression? Hold the door for her. Hold her chair for her. If you really want to blow her away . . . when she leaves to go to the bathroom, stand up. When she comes back, stand up again. Game over!

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