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First Date Checklist

Do 12 out of 12 and you got a chance! Be yourself Carry gum, Altoids, etc. Use etiquette Dress with finesse/thought/pride Confirm the night before Make the offer to pay Take the focus off yourself Listen Make eye contact Know where you parked your car Know current events Keep off topics of Politics, Sex, Religion

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1st Date Thoughts

I think a good first date doesn’t have to involve the typical “dinner and a movie”. It’s important that the date include time to get to know each other (that is, talking/conversation time) and a movie just doesn’t lend that kind of time. Dinner is good but it can be a little formal. I think […]

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Memorable 1st Date

The most memorable date for me was when the man showed up with flowers, and was a real gentleman, opening doors and being mannerly all evening. …simple, huh

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